Haas SL-30 CNC Lathe
Haas SL-40 CNC Lathe
Acer 2008 Bridgeport 
Kingston 2008 HD-2690
   Marvel Series 8 Mark II
 Production HE&M H90 A-1 

TDK MACHINE, INC. was founded with the vision of innovative, precision manufacturing at competitive rates. We bring over 65 years of combined experience applying advanced technologies to complex CNC Machining through executing “G-code” instruction and fabrication of components by the selective removal of material. We are dedicated in following a strict Quality Control Program in order to exceed the expectations of our customers by on-time delivery of defect-freeproducts and services 100% of the time.

Haas VF-550 Vertical Mill
TDK MACHINE, INC. is a Certified ISO 9001-2008 CNC Machine Manufacturing Facility located in Orange Grove, Texas. 

Currently we manufacture, repair and are active in Research and Development for components specific to the Oilfield Industry. TDK’s high tech equipment and latest technology allows for superior manufacturing and delivery time. Our capabilities include machining, turning, milling, threading, grinding and welding.

We welcome all opportunities and are willing to expand and diversify our R & D, Production Line and Repair to help meet the Critical Environmental Demand for Renewable Resources, Medical CNC Machining and CNC Machining for Aerospace, Aircraft, Automotive and Military Applications. We are current with CCR and approved through the U.S./Canada Joint Certification Program.

We have a proven reputation and are committed to Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency. We can be an asset to your organization. You will be provided with competitive rates, precision in manufacturing & repair, and professional R&D to further enhance your production.

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Haas VF-1 Vertical Mill
Haas VF-550/TR Vertical Mill
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